The Roaring Riot Podcast (formerly the Capital Riot Podcast) is entering our third season of covering the Carolina Panthers. 

Our little experiment at the beginning of the 2015 season started with a few hundred listeners and by the end of the season was logging over 2,000 listeners per episode. We featured former Panthers players Mike Rucker and Frank Garcia as well as Panthers beat writers for USA Today’s Panthers Newswire as well as other guests. With the elevated presence of the Roaring Riot and knowing that the team itself keeps a close eye on us we are working harder than ever to ensure podcast represents the same image and values of the Carolina Panthers.

Here are some recent off-season numbers:

  • 1,500: average single episode downloads within one week
  • 1,697: Raw downloads of the May 30th, 2017 episode over 1 week (pulled from the raw server access log)
  • 10,305: All sound file downloads over 1 week (also pulled from the raw server access log)
  • 78: pass-throughs over 2 weeks to KeySmart during one-week billboard ad, running before the show intro
  • 6: inquiries to us after we included an “easter egg” after 20 seconds of silence at the end of one podcast giving away a free Roaring Riot membership
  • 0: Panthers podcasts before we started
  • 6: Other podcasts since we started (that are still active)

We strive to differentiate ourselves from casual podcasts by promoting a positive image of the team and fanbase, helping build the brand and awareness of the Roaring Riot and entertaining listeners with team news, reviewing previous games, awarding our “Game Ball” and “Towel of Shame” awards and finally finishing off with our “Final Thought” which can range from anything from comic book movies to Game of Thrones to Star Wars. We do not use profane language on our podcast – we want it be enjoyed by and shared with everyone. And we work to ensure a high production quality during each podcast.

We use only professional-grade masking tape for our pot stops (as in "potentiometer").

We use only professional-grade masking tape for our pot stops (as in “potentiometer”).

Since team news breaks faster than weekly game updates we have introduced the Roaring Riot Podcast Panthers News Blitz, a daily(ish) news update of the day’s news. We understand that people do not have a lot of time to click around to various sites nor listen to sports talk radio all day every day. Subscribers can get a quick news update and then if they interested in a story visit our site for a link to the story.

We would love to partner with sponsors who share our passion for delivering a quality product to a passionate fan base.