Riot Rewind week ending 6/30/17: Cam, 89 and our must-read stories of the week!

Fourth of July weekend edition!

Darin Gantt broke the news today at Pro Football Talk that Thomas Davis would like a contract extension before training camp begins. The 34 year-old linebacker has spent his entire career with the Panthers. After returning to the game after three ACL surgeries and playing in the Super Bowl with a broken arm, Davis is an icon within the organization. Davis has expressed interest in playing only for the Panthers. Additional coverage can be found at the Riot Report and USA Today’s Panther’s Wire.

Other news: in-depth interview with Cam Newton.

Daryl Williams says that the right tackle spot is his and how he plans to keep it.

Safety Dance: A Look At Coleman & The Crew

Steve Smith on why he may be suspended if he re-signed to an NFL team, even for just a day: USA Today Panthers Wire and the Charlotte Observer have more on Smith’s interview.

Must-read stories from the hosts:





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Panthers roster ranked No. 10 in the NFL by Pro Football Focus

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