Riot Rewind: Week Ending 6/23/17

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Monday the Panthers released their training camp schedule. In the latest edition of our podcast we included a survivor’s guide for training camp. The Riot Report also published a handy guide to Training Camp.

At Carolina Huddle, Jeremy Igo interviewed Austin Duke.

On Tuesday released another ten of their Top 100 rankings with Luke Kuechly coming in at #20.

Late Tuesday night after we wrapped up the podcast (of course) word dropped that Greg Olsen is looking to restructure his contract.

On Wednesday reports emerged that Olsen may hold out from training camp if a new contract is not in place.

Also on Wednesday our friends at Carolina Cat Chronicles released a podcast episode of “Where’s That Cat Now?” featuring an interview with Jason Peter.

On Thursday PantherNation was sent into two tizzies. First, in reaction to a photo Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown posted on social media. In the photo Brown is shown practicing catches while wearing Greg Olsen’s old helmet. Nothing more than that.

Second, former Washington Redskins Offensive Lineman Ross Tucker retweeted @SECBooger, “People I talk to in Carolina tell me Cam’s not a leader and not well liked by a lot of his teammates.”

Cat Scratch Reader has a great summary of the tweet exchange.

But Thomas Davis wasn’t going to let it go at that. Tim Weaver at USA Today Panthers Wire wrote in an article, that Thomas Davis dismisses the Cam Newton rumor as ‘Fake News’ and summed it up it nicely with, in reference to TD, “If anyone knows what’s going on in Carolina’s locker room, it’s the 13-year veteran.”

On Friday, Erik Sommers wrote at Cat Scratch Reader an article titled, “Two Years Ago Yesterday [June 22nd, 2015], Cam Newton Proved Once and for All he IS a Great Leader” where he refers a photo from a tweet from 2015. Sommers writes, in reference to the photo in the Tweet:

Cam Newton visiting one of the victim’s families immediately following the Charleston church shooting. You can find details on that story below, but the gist is that Cam Newton, without alerting anyone at all, took it upon himself to visit and help these families try to heal. He did so completely anonymously until one of the families members’ tweeted out this photo.

Sommers’ articles includes a link to the 2015 story.

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Here is your Panthers news roundup of stories around the web:

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USA Today Panthers Wire:

Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart led NFL in percentage of yards after contact

Panthers linebackers lead NFL in interceptions over last 5 years

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