Podcast 8/10/17: Panthers/Texans review, Josh Klein from The Riot Report, awards are back and Flat Andy debuts!

August 10, 2017: We recap the first preseason game versus the Houston Texans, which turned out to be the first of hopefully many victories leading into deep into the regular season and welcome the return of the Game Ball and Towel of Shame awards!

Josh Klein from The Riot Report gives his take on the game and players to watch during the rest of the preseason. We talk a bit about the upcoming Nashville, TN takeover with the Rocket City Riot.  The gang gives their take on rising and falling players stock with the team. Jayme beings up the competition nobody is talking about 😍 – the battle for the hearts of fans because hey, we have a good-looking team!

Flat Andy made his debut at the Panthers/Texans game:

Jayme has some pointers for videographers.

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  1. An Observer on August 11, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    Whomever asserted Gano kicked his second FG “right down the middle” needs to go back and rewatch the tape. This is incorrect. He hooked that one almost identically to the way he hooked the 50-yarder. Had that second one been from back there, it would’ve missed too.

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