Podcast 7/25/2017: Panthers News, Training Camp Competitions, NFL Top 400, welcome new fans!

July 25, 2017: Our last off-season podcast and we go out with a bang covering not only lots of current news about the Panthers but also Game of Thrones, and Drew’s brush with fringe racist prison religions (we’re not kidding). We also look at where 16 Panthers players rank on the NFL’s Top 400 current players list. Going to Nashville for the Panthers/Titans preseason game? Hang out with our friends with the Rocket City Roaring Riot! Also, Tuscon, Arizona is looking to form a chapter! We examine some of the position battles going into training camp and yes, Curtis Samuel’s mom dropped him off at Wofford! Rams, Chargers and Oakland fans feel betrayed so we put together a quick primer for new Panthers fans and the Final Thought returns!

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  1. An Observer on July 27, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    Please keep in mind that this study was NOT a random sampling, so the results are potentially VERY misleading. People who donated their brains largely already exhibited symptoms, which is why they donated their brains in the first place. Former players (and their families, if deceased) who did not exhibit symptoms largely didn’t donate their brains for the research – because, why would they? This is very likely a large case of confirmation bias, at least insofar as the resulting scale is concerned – and the study’s authors acknowledged as much in their report in so many words. Just be careful not to read so much into this unless/until a true randomized sampling is available for study (which will likely be never, given that it would require availability to the brains without consent to achieve true randomization).

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