Podcast 7/11/17: Cam on $100k, Fresh Panthers, $5 makes fans holla, Fill in the ____, 2017 Predictions

7/11/2017: Lots mid-summer Panthers news to cover! Cam was on the new $100,000 Pyramid and we learned our own Ashlyn was once a contestant on Wheel of Fortune! The Panthers social media team got “fresh”. $5 Fan Fest tickets makes fans scream and holler. Welcome baby Cameron Luuuke! Jayme’s great Roaring Riot “One Riot” design got ripped off by some jerk selling crap on Amazon. DeAngelo Williams entered the square circle. CNN covered stupid rules in professional sports. We play fun a little game of “fill in the blank” regarding the 2017 season. Since it’s July and we want to be like every hack so we offer up our predictions for the entire Panther’s season and we justify our reasons behind our predictions! Finally, in light of Thomas Davis’ tricked-out Panthers car Drew asked, “what was your first car and which Panthers player does it remind you of?” Yeah, we went there.

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