Podcast 6/27/17: Cam’s leadership, Olsen’s contract, % of getting a TD from each yard line, intro songs and more!

6/27/2017: We jump right into some pre-July-4th-weekend Panthers news including the hoopla over Cam’s Throwing Arm, Otah (Oher)’s place with the team, Steve Smith Sr.’s retirement plans and Bill Voth’s in-depth interview with Cam. Ashlyn talks about the available Roaring Riot away game Travel Packages that are selling out fast – get yours before it’s too late! We spend way too much time on an Reddit/r/NFL thread about which team has more: fans or mascots. We also review this really interesting chart about touchdown scoring chances from each yard line. We wrap up with the debut of “Putting it All Together” where we turn in our homework from last week present our individual entrance music!

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Links referenced during the show:
Bill Voth with Cam Newton: “My Prime better be Now”
Booger McFarlane on Cam Newton
Carolina Cat Chronicles’ Jason Peter Tell-All Interview
Miss NC/Marcie Trivette – The Queen Behind The Crown
Roaring Riot Travel Packages
NFL subreddit –  Which teams have fewer fans than their namesake?  – an in-depth study by Reddit user TwentyThreeEightyOne that we totally ripped off.
Several charts indicating the likelihood of scoring a touchdown at a given yard line

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