Podcast: 2017 Season Wrap: SHULA FIRED! NORV HIRED! 2017 awards and more!

January 12, 2018: The Panthers season has come to a close but this is not going to be your typical boring off-season. We talk about new ownership, the talk surrounding a new stadium, who’s in and who’s out on the Panthers roster for 2018. Even without spending the $1500 for the plane banner Mike Shula has been relieved of his duties (“fired”) along with Quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey. Norv Turner is hired and brings with him a flock of relatives. We offer up our Game Ball and Towel of Shame awards for the entire 2017 season. We talk a bit about the Roaring Riot and our colleagues at the Riot Report.

And remember, any story with a headline that asks a question can almost always be answered with “NO.”

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