Podcast 2017-05: Edgar Salmingo, Jr. chats draft, news, 2017 Schedule by difficulty and more!

April 23rd, 2017: USA Today Panthers Wire’s Edgar Salmingo, Jr. joins us to talk all about the Draft! We also take a quick look at some Panthers news from earlier in the season, discuss the Panthers’ 2017 schedule by difficulty level gloat about our new web site and preview some Roaring Riot goodies!

The script from the podcast:

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I am Keith and I am joined by Drew (pause to hello) and Jayme (pause to say hello).

For an off-season podcast this one is packed with talk about the Panthers. USA Today’s Panthers Wire’s Edgar Salmingo, Jr. will be joining us to talk the draft, we look at some Panthers news and look at the Panthers’ 2017 schedule by difficulty.

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{%%%%%%%% SEGMENT #1: PANTHERS NEWS ~ 5:00 %%%%%%%}

{ KH to lead in. }

  • Kawaan Short Deal ($16 million over 5 years)

    Drew: Only counts as $10 against the Cap this year.

  • Also signed Norwell and Backup center Tyler Larson
  • Josh Norman has not ruled out a return to the Panthers in the future.
  • Former sports reporter and founder of the Black and Blue Review web site, Bill Voth has announced that he is joining the Panthers Media team.

Now, in case you missed it or just forgot about it here are the Panthers news highlights from recent weeks:

  • Julius Peppers has re-signed to the team
  • Captain Munnerlyn returns as cornerback
  • Mike Adams was signed to strong Safety
  • We picked up special teams star Russell Sheppard
  • Matt Kalil was signed to the offensive line

{%%%%%%%% SEGMENT #2: 2017 SCHEDULE ~ 10:00 %%%%%%%}

We will have our way-too-early picks later this summer, when there’s nothing else to talk about.

At USA Today Panthers wire Alex Reynolds breaks down the Panthers regular-season schedule by difficulty. Reynolds notes that with this schedule the Panthers are no longer a favorite choice for prime-time games and that we will be be facing all 3 division rivals as well as Aaron Rodgers in the last 5 weeks of the regular season.

Alright, here’s Alex’s take on the schedule:

Panthers 2017 regular season games ranked by difficulty

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There is A LOT of great stuff planned for the season. I can’t tell you what is planned. I wish I could. BUT, listen to this podcast the week following Memorial Day for the big announcement.

Zack Luttrel, the founder of the Roaring Riot, made a guest appearance on the Panthers Poundcast. These guys do their thing on YouTube and they are one of our Podcast brethren so if you want some more Panthers fix do a quick Google search for Panthers POUNDcast. We appreciate the shout-out from you guys and really appreciate the kind words.

If this podcast doesn’t scratch your itch for Panthers news please tune in to the Panthers Reddit Podcast, the Panthers Poundcast and the Keep PounDENN Podcast.

{%%%%%%%% SEGMENT #4: 2017 DRAFT ~ 10:00 %%%%%%%}

This is DRAFT WEEK. We hope you will join your fellow Panthers fans at a Roaring Riot draft party in your city. And this year you won’t have to wait until midnight to learn who the Panthers pick since we will be picking 8th!

We are pleased to be joined by USA Today’s Panthers Wire’s own EDGAR Salmingo, Jr! Welcome, EDGAR!

When we do the News Blitz during the season you are one of our go-to sources and we also attribute

Ask ten different draft prognosticators who the Panthers will pick and over a 4-week period you’ll get 120 or answers. So, is going to be Leonard Fournette?

Find Edgar at pantherswire.usatoday.com.

  1. Riot out in California. Making it on any trips?
  2. Panthers Needs
  3. Names to look at that can fill them.
  4. While Panthers have the odds against 49ers, how are we looking against McDermott and Buffalo? Can we beat them with MCD knowing our O and D with the team we have?
  5. Rumor is McD looking to trade up. Browns may also, who’s the best suitor for the Panthers?
  6. Article on Monday about Gettleman’s evaluation process. http://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2017/04/24/should-the-panthers-pick-leonard-fournette-or-christian-mccaffrey/
  7. Crazy assed pick that the Panthers can make any you would support that lines up with their board.

Thank you for joining us, Edgar! Please following Edgar at @PanthersAnalyst and at PanthersWire.usatoday.com.

Good luck this weekend! Get some good sleep Saturday night!

{%%%%%%%%%%%%%% SEGMENT #5: FINAL THOUGHT ~ 5:00 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%}

Drew: Looking forward to bringing Elle to the draft party, raising a new generation of Panthers fan.

KH: Twitter, new site. HBDV.

Jayme: BS that the Falcons are not starting the season at New England
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