Podcast 12/12/2017: Panthers win over the Vikings, look ahead to the Packers

December 12, 2017:  This week, WE BE JAMIN’!  The Vikings were picked by everybody to win, but the Panthers had other plans. We take an in-depth look at the Panthers’ big win over the Vikings after that stinkfest in New Orleans the previous week.  Everyone has Game Balls to give out, but what about Towels of Shame after such an important win? What did Cam mean when he said the team had to “overcome coaching” to win? Josh Norman finally realized the grass isn’t greener in Washington (have you seen the condition of FedEx Field?) and he is probably because he only cares about winning rings – except when he only cared about money in Carolina. We look ahead to Green Bay where we all assume Rodgers will start, but how effective can he be with that injury? We also talk about the best way to re-purpose a jersey and drop a little Club Nouveau just for fun!

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