Podcast 10/9/17: Throwdown in Motown! CMC’s 1st TD, Eagles preview and OUR predictions review

October 9th, 2017: The Panthers held on to take the win over the Lions in Detroit and the Roaring Riot was there (and on TV apparently!) We give out our Game Ball awards and also give a potentially controversial Towel of Shame award to The 12th Man. Mark Driscoll from the Charm City Riot in Baltimore joins us to recap the takeover weekend. Julius Peppers is on track for a career-defining season. We look ahead to the Eagles game on this short week and check in how we called the Panthers outcomes during the first quarter of the season. Plus we touch one last time on Cam’s remarks and talk more than we probably should about Szechuan Sauce and how all cancer’s bad, m’kay?

The Riot Report: The Quadruple Option: A Panthers Peculiarity

Boats & 0’s: New York Giants

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