News Blitz 6/5/17: Bradberry injures wrist, Cam’s coming back, Luke on CMC & the Riot Report launches!

Cornerback James Bradberry fractured his wrist in training camp today after an awkward collision with linebacker Luke Keuchley. Despite being in a cast for 6 weeks Bradberry is expected to be back to full health in time for training camp.

Coverage: The Riot Report,, Cat Scratch Reader and USA Today Panthers Wire

Christian McCaffrey spend a brief amount of time with his new team over the weekend. Luke Keuchley said of the Panther’s first-round draft pick, “He’s going to be a nightmare for us”.

McCaffrey is restricted from fully joining the team until his academic year ends which is June 9th. You can read more at and

Coach Ron Rivera stated that Cam Newton’s rehab on his rotator cuff is ahead of schedule and he is expected to return to throwing the week of June 12th.

The Riot Report launched today and if you have not had a chance to check it out please do! Go to and be sure to check it out daily for all of your Panthers news!

In addition to the stories mentioned above, here are some of the stories you will find:

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