Beginning of a New Era… In More Ways Than One

September 3, 2020: Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Out of the Black and Blue podcast! Change your bookmarks to! The Panthers are heading into the final stretch of the offseason with final cuts for the 53 man roster coming up before the season begins, and we’re trying to get up to speed without having any preseason games. In this episode, we take a look at this season’s jersey schedule, check in with the ex’s, and give our preseason prediction. And we go whole-hog on the Sword Of Omens Game (if it happens). Join us as we kick off a new chapter with our rebranded podcast!

2020 Jersey Schedule:

Is Tepper actually Panthro? Ashlyn and Keith says he looks more like 80s Panthro; Jayme is all-in on the 2011 reboot.


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