9/16/2019: Belittled by Buccaneers; Panthers Proceed to Arizona

September 16, 2019:  The Panthers are beaten by the Buccaneers and fall to the bottom of the division standings. The fans are furious, and Ron Rivera is on the 🔥hot🔥 seat. Now the Arizona Cardinals prepare to host the Panthers in a must-win game to avoid a devastating 0-3 start. Can Ace Boogie and the Cat Pack turn things around? We speak with some of the newest chapters: The Small Town Riot and Cheer City Riot! Game Balls and Towels of Shame as always and much, much more!



Congratulations to Ash Ketchum for winning his first Pokemon Championship to become the Alola League Champion.  Read about it here.




Beer display

The minimum amount of beer recommended to get through a full viewing of the last couple of Panthers games.


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