12/3/2018: What the Bucc? Send in the Browns.

December 3, 2018:  The Carolina Panthers move in the wrong direction after a 4th loss in a row to fall to .500 for the season. The Buccaneers flipped the script by causing 4 turnovers giving Cam his worst performance since his rookie season. This loss even lead to some coaching changes as the Tep Cat expresses his displeasure with the slump. But now it’s time to move on from the losing streak and figure out how the Panthers will win 4 in a row starting with the 4-7-1 Browns. Despite the loss there were some positives so we have some Game Balls and to balance those out the Towels of Shame plus the Day Trade, and we finally pay off our texting teaser from a few weeks ago. Don’t forget to vote CMC into the Pro Bowl.

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