11/18/2019: Panthers Abysmal Record in Division Games: Falcons and Saints

November 18, 2019: The Panthers struggled in their first of two back-to-back division games.  Atlanta wins 29-3 with 4 interceptions from Kyle Allen. Next, 8-2 New Orleans hosts 5-5 Carolina in the Big Easy where the Cats are 13-12 all time. The Panthers are a combined 3-11 against both division rivals since Super Bowl 50; it’s past time to start turning that around. We hand out Towels of Shame and take a look on the Sunny Side, then look ahead to the Saints game.  Also in this episode: Olsen Speaks out, Kaepernick has a workout, and the slobberknocker in Cleveland.

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Baby Yoda’s reaction to Sunday’s game.

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