10/3/2018: BYE week is over! Eric Reid, Giants preview and MORE!

October 3, 2018:  The bye week is over and it’s back to business! The Panthers host the Giants of New York in a Week 5 battle which will feature the debut of the newest Panther Eric Reid to bolster the secondary. For more on Reid check out Film Room: What Eric Reid Brings To The Panthers’ Secondary” by Vincent Richardson at The Riot Report. We return with a the Day Trade, but skip the Game Balls nor Towels of Shame this week. However, let’s give an honorary Game Ball to the Bengals’ A.J. Green anyway for his game-winning touchdown against Atlanta. Keith goes to the fair, Ashyln is obsessed with The Most “Specialist” Photo Shoot, and Jayme has a feel-good story about Isaiah Crowell and Dude Wipes.  All this and more in this week’s episode!

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Bonus photo: Jayme rides the panther.



  1. Geoff Hodge on October 6, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    First time listening to this podcast. Do better. The wasted guys at C3 do a much better job. You guys dont even know your panthers history

    • Roaring Riot Podcast on October 6, 2018 at 8:48 pm

      Thank you for listening! We are sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the latest episode but do appreciate all feedback. We know how much work and effort all podcast hosts put into their shows. We treat our show as a radio show where there is minimal editing so sometimes questions come up during the regular RN and flow of the program to which we do not readily have answers.

      This was a different episode since it was during the bye week so I invite you to listen to the next episode which will be a full one. If there is any specific area you feel could use improvement we welcome to feedback. If our show isn’t your style please be sure to listen to our other podcasts: It Is What It Is, Keep PounDenn and One Day Contact.

      If you would like to be a guest on the show to offer your Panthers knowledge or share your thoughts on improvements we would be happy to have you on.

      Again, thank you for listening and for your feedback and please give this week’s show a listen.

  2. James Robinson on October 6, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    I just started listening to this podcast and I love it. But, I have a different perspective on Eric Reid and his protests. All these protesters keep saying that it’snot about disrespecting the Anthem. I am willing to take them at their word regarding their intentions. In this case, I am eager to forget the past and move forward enjoying the upgrade at the safety position. If he meant what he said earlier and is done with kneeling I will do just that. Consider this: someone talking loudly on a cell phone in a public place probably is not intending to be disrespectful of others around them. But, they are nonetheless. That is what is happening with the Anthem protests no matter their intentions.

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