Roaring Riot Sounds 2017

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Roaring Riot Sounds 2017

MP3/WAV files for Roaring Riot Gameday watch parties - with descriptions on when to play them!

3rd Down Bells.mp3 - Defensive 3rd downs
All I wanna do is have some Funchess.mp3 - Alternate Funchess big 1st down play
Ba-ooh-wah.mp3 - Just a happy sound
Buzzer.wav - The "X" buzzer from Family Feud (missed field goals, etc.)
Cam Touchdown Mx Only.mp3 - Superman The Movie theme music
Cam Touchdown Superman.mp3 - "Look! It's a bird, it's a plane! with music"
Field Goal (Boom Boom).mp3 - John Lee Hooker "Boom Boom Boom Boom" once
Girls Wanna Have Funchess (long).mp3 - Funchess touchdown
Girls Wanna Have Funchess (short).mp3 - Alternate Funchess 1st down/touchdown
Hallelujah-short.mp3 - When a contested call goes the Panthers way
Homer - DOh.mp3 - Use when appropriate
It's 3RD DOWN.m4a - "It's 3rd Down" - typically played just before playing the 3rd Down bells, sometimes omitted
It's a Panthers.... First Down.mp3 - When the Panthers get a first down
It's ANOTHER Panthers... First Down.mp3 - After a consecutive first down
Jaws Theme.mp3 - When the Panthers are in the red zone or defense is holding a 3rd and long
Jeopardy! Thinking Music.mp3 - Booth reviews
Kickoff Siren.mp3 - Just before kickoff
LightSaber.wav - When Luke makes a big play
Nelson - Haha.mp3 - Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons - when the opposing team does something stupid
Olsen - Thunderstruck.mp3 - When Olsen makes a big play
Pacman-Die (missed FG-PAT).wav - When the opposing team misses a field goat/point-after
Panther Growl.wav - No explanation needed.
Price is Right Loser Horn.wav - Missed FG, 4th down try
Raise Up.mp3 - Played after Sweet Caroline
S-A-F-E-T-Y (male).mp3 - After an opposing team safety
Sad-Trombone.wav - Waaah-wah.
SafetyDanceMix.mp3 - Safety Dance music bed - after a safety
Spanish Cam Newton Touchdown.mp3 - Spanish announcers screaming about a Cam Newton touchdown
Spanish Greg Olsen Touchdown.mp3 - Spanish announcers screaming about a Greg Olsen touchdown
Star Wars Intro.mp3 - Luke music
Superman Intro Longer.mp3 - Longer Cam intro music. Bridge sometimes played when the offense is coming out.
Superman Intro.mp3 - Cam theme
SuperMarioBrothers-ExtraLife.wav - Addison does something good or we get an interception
Sweet Carolina Victory.mp3 - Edited version of just the good stuff (the chorus from Sweet Caroline). No other lyrics.
Thunderstruck - long fade.mp3 - Olsen touchdown
Thunderstruck (Long).mp3 - Alt Olsen touchdown
Touchdown (Boom Boom).mp3 - John Lee Hooker "Boom Boom Boom Boom" from the stadium
Under Pressure Intro.mp3 - Under Pressure intro - good to play between defensive 2nd and 3rd downs when going 3rd and long
Vader Impressive.mp3 - Luke does good.
Vader Most Impressive.mp3 - Luke does real good
Waka Waka (Fozzy).mp3 - Fozzy Whittaker does something

Other songs/sounds used you'll need to get elsewhere due to copyright issues. A lot of the filler pieces are good crowd movers.

Whoomp! There It Is (Jonathan Stewart big play)
"Bring Out Your Dead" from the Holy Grail when the opposing team is taking to the field and the Panthers are killing them or if you have poor taste when an opposing player is injured
We Will Rock You by Queen - 2nd-3rd down filler
Welcome to the Jungle - Kickoff
"Can't Touch This" chorus - general big yardage play
Eminem "Lose Yourself" chorus - filler
AC/DC "Back in Black" intro - filler
Aerosmith "Sweet Emotion (Live)" intro - filler
Billy Squire "The Stroke" - filler
Blüe Oyster Cult "Godzilla" intro - filler
Iggy Pop "Lust for Life" - filler
Loverboy "Turn Me Loose" - filler/after a big running play
Poison "Pour Some Sugar on Me" - filler/after a big running play
Matisyahu "Sunshine" - cut-in at 48 seconds - Bersin play

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